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The Panamanian app that triumphed worldwide

by Nicanor Alvarado 06/02/202

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Cuanto, the Panamanian startup that triumphs in Silicon Valley

by Corina Briceño

Y Combinator


participated in Y Combinator, the American startup accelerator, on 2019. Thousands of startups apply and only 100 get in. Cuanto was the first Panamanian startup to participate.

Panamá en Positivo

Winners of

Emprendimiento en Positivo 2020

(Positive impact startup of 2020)

Martes Financiero

Ciudad del Saber

The Making of the City: Fintech


Our mission is to transform offline sellers into online creators. The internet and social media have presented us with new opportunities. The use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube is daily and essential. Latin Americans can, for the first time, communicate and collaborate in real time practically for free with the rest of the region and the world. The amazing change in connectivity will result in the unleashing of the stored creativity of creators in the region. People who were chained to a job they dislike and had their side projects can now launch them online. Soon, today's side projects will be the main activity and income of millions of people. We offer you the best tool to sell online: - We break down the barriers of online sales, making launching easy, fast and accessible. - You can organize and manage your business from anywhere. - We help you grow and sell more.